During our journey to learn about quantitative wealth management, we have discovered three essential skills: (1) mathematics, (2) programming and (3) creativity. Mathematics is what translates a trading idea into well-defined meaningful symbols. Programming is what translates the mathematical symbols into lines of code for trading research and execution. Creativity is the source of inspiration and intuitions.

Quantitative Investment

Our courses are designed to survey some of the sophisticated mathematical trading ideas from the academic world.


Our courses are designed to make the more useful yet rather inaccessible mathematics concepts, such as stochastic control, SOCP


Learning a programming language (Java/C#/C++/etc.) is not about learning the constructs and syntax.

About CQA

CQA Institute has the vision to promote rational investment and trading using mathematics and technologies. We offer the best value continuous training and education for capital market professionals.

It is very difficult to find people who can produce elegant code for mathematical models. In general, mathematicians do not write good code and computer programmers do not understand the (advanced) mathematics. Yet, computer language is what we use to turn an idea into a product that people can actually use. We foresee that the truly valuable talents are those who have creative ideas and are able to implement them. They are the most-sought after candidates in quantitative finance.


Introductions to Bond Futures Trading 2013

Only $2,000.00

Introduction to Quantitative Investment 2013, videos

Only $300.00

Introduction to Quantitative Investment

Only $1,600.00

OOP and Design

Only $2,400.00

Core Team

Our core team consists of experts in the wealth management industry and renowned scholars from top universities

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