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    Hello: I am interested in using algo quant to backtest strategies: 1 purely based on news 2 based on news and technical indicators. In 1 I have an stream of sentiment every minute from some initial date to some final date . If the accumulated sentiment is positive before the open for AAPL I buy at the open and sell at the close. I want to start with something easy like this so I get used to algo quant for news and then to make things more complex. What could be the best way to start with this. Is there a demo that could guide me?
    I have seen most of the demos illustrating technical strategies. In this case the news-stream is an series of floating values and i also need the eod data from yahoo (to buy at the open and sell at the close once the sentiment triggers an order). Thanks for any help t start.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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