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    Numerical Method, Inc. is a mathematics consulting company.

    We are now seeking candidates to develop trading strategies in Hong Kong.

    Successful candidates will contribute towards the research, design, testing and implementation of trading strategies based on quantitative factors. This is an opportunity to receive first hand guidance from experts in the field as well as being exposed to the work of seasoned colleagues. As some of our teammates are from the financial trading world, this will be an excellent opportunity for those who want to build their career in quantitative trading.

    Interested candidates should have a background in economics or finance, but we will consider candidates with strong background in related fields. You should be passionate about everything to do with data and already have top-level experience working in data modeling and quantitative analysis. Above all, we’re looking for someone with an ability to solve challenging problems and provide innovative practical solutions quickly and efficiently, to communicate their ideas forthrightly, and to work effectively as part of a team to achieve a common goal.

    The candidates should
    – have a Ph.D. in a economics or finance from leading institutions
    – have experience in performing data modeling and quantitative analysis
    – have experience with WRDS, COMPUSTATS and other data bases
    – be familiar with Matlab and/or R, SAS
    – have some programming experience in Java/C#/C++/C, but not required

    During the interviews, candidates are expected to show fair understanding of their fields and explain their thesis topics. There will also be brain teaser type questions.

    If interested, please send a resume to:

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