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    Looks the SQPActiveSetMinimizer fails to solve optimization even for simple linear constraints. The content inside the RealScalarFunction() must not matter given it just abstracts the mapping from some 3-vector to a double.Yet i have provided the full code. The greater than constraints have been printed and can be seen on the console.There is definitely a solution space carved by the inequalities for which F must have a minimum value.
    The whole signature of the error is given in O/P.



    [,1] [,2] [,3]
    [1,] 0.539247, -0.526988, -0.012283,
    [2,] -0.539247, 0.526988, 0.012283,
    [3,] 0.539247, -0.526988, -0.012283, >=
    [-87.788746, -86.671254, 12.210156]
    java.lang.RuntimeException: unable to solve a sub quadratic programming problem:
    java.lang.RuntimeException: unable to solve a sub quadratic programming problem:
    at com.numericalmethod.suanshu.optimization.multivariate.constrained.general.sqp.activeset.SQPActiveSetMinimizer$Solution.step(uj:108)
    at com.numericalmethod.suanshu.optimization.multivariate.constrained.general.sqp.activeset.SQPActiveSetMinimizer$Solution.search(uj:500)
    at com.numericalmethod.suanshu.optimization.multivariate.constrained.general.sqp.activeset.SQPActiveSetOnlyInequalityConstraintMinimizer$Solution.search(xjb:195)
    at com.numericalmethod.suanshu.optimization.multivariate.constrained.general.sqp.activeset.SQPActiveSetOnlyInequalityConstraintMinimizer$Solution.search(xjb:230)

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