We are proud to announce the release of SuanShu 2.0! This release is the accumulation of customer feedbacks and our experience learnt in the last three years coding numerical computation algorithms. SuanShu 2.0 is a redesign of the software architecture, a rewrite of many modules, additions of new modules and functionalities driven by user demands and applications, numerous bug fixes as well as performance tuning. We believe that SuanShu 2.0 is the best numerical and statistical library ever available in Java, if not all, platform.

Here are highlights of the new features available since 2.0.

–          ordinary and partial differential equation solvers

–          Optimization: Quadratic Programming,  Sequential Quadratic Programming, (Mixed) Integer Linear Programming, Semi-Definite Programming

–          ARIMA fit

–          LASSO and LARS

–          Gaussian quadrature/integration

–          Interpolation methods

–          Trigonometric functions and physical constants

–          Extreme Value Theory

Continuing our tradition, we will still provide trial license and academic license for eligible schools and research institutes. Moreover, we now provide another way to get a FREE SuanShu license – the contribution license. If you are able to contribute code to the SuanShu library, you can get a permanent license. For more information, see: http://numericalmethod.com/suanshu/

We hope that you will find the new release of SuanShu more helpful than ever in your work. If you have any comments to help us improve, please do let us know.

Happy birthday to TianTians and Merry Christmas to all!


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