Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum consists of 3 modules: mathematics, programming, portfolio and risk management. Each module consists of 3 courses. Each course has 8 to 12 classes and runs for 3 months. Each class consists of theoretical and when applicable practical sessions (hands-on experiments) and runs for 3 hours. The focus is on applying the topics to quantitative investment. A student gets a certificate of course completion after finishing each course. A student gets a Certificate in Quantitative Analyst (CQA) on completion of all 9 core courses. Additionally, a student may attend the optional seminars to supplement their financial knowledge but s/he does not get a certificate for them.




Portfolio & Risk Management


Professional Programming

Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management

Stochastic Control

OOP and Design

Introduction to Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Monte Carlo Methods & Optimization Methods

Algorithm Design & Analysis

Risk Management