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Frequently Asked Questions

The available courses are listed here.

The availability of a particular course depends on instructor’s availability and the student subscription rate.

A course may be cancelled due to (unforeseen) circumstances. In that case, the fees paid will be refunded.

There are 9 core courses, each take about a month or two. They are not offered concurrently and depend on the instructor availability.

Yes, all (or most) courses are available online.

Students are not required to take all 9 courses. They can choose the topics of interest to take. The 3 modules, math, programming and applications are fairly independent. The 3 courses within each module are, on the other hand, should be taken in sequence.

No, the students are encouraged to get a copy of the books recommended.

No. The course focuses on the mathematics and programming skills needed to develop quantitative strategies. Its emphasis is on the theories rather than practice. So, it does not focus on any particular markets. Moreover, no real trading strategy for making money is discussed or disclosed.

The price varies for each course. The price of a particular course is detailed in each course’s page. In general, each hour costs about US$300.00.

The total cost for taking all 9 core courses are roughly US$300*8*9 = US$28800. They are paid for per course, not in advance.

That depends on the instructors. However, we have no official quizzes and exams.

We offer some videos online for free but not all of them.

You first check out the courses you like in the timetable. On each course page, there is a “Register” button that you can click to register and make payment (by credit card).

Yes, we provide a certificate of completion.

We teach everything in Java. Students should be already familiar with basic programming using Java, C++ or C#.