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    Dear students,

    We are now accepting applications for our research internship program. Please note that this position is UNPAID and is OFFSITE (remote working).

    The idea is that we will co-develop a trading strategy together, try it out on real data and see if it works. If the backtesting looks good, we can even put some real money to test it live. You will get a cut of the profits, if any.

    It will be a good opportunity for the students who want to develop a career in quantitative trading and want to get some hand-on research experience. Please note that we are a Java house so you will be programming in Java if you undertake this task. If you are not already familiar with Java (or a similar OOP language), you will need to put in extra effort.

    Doing the research is very demanding and time consuming. You need at least 20 hours a week to make it a worth while exercise. If you want to proceed, please read and sign the application form here.


    Looking forward to working with you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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